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Bella was retired to a rescue home after just four contests. 

But the seven-year-old blue greyhound is now the canine lead in All The Money In The World, the latest offering from Blade Runner and Alien director Ridley Scott.

The film, which has landed Christopher Plummer a Best Supporting Actor nomination, tells the story of the kidnapping of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty’s 16-year-old grandson in 1973. 

Bella’s docile nature made her a natural in auditions for the film, which owner Liam Stubbings saw on a Facebook advert. 

Liam, 42, who along with his partner Kelly was sworn to secrecy about the audition last summer until now, said: “Greyhounds are not known for their obedience but Bella just lay down and sat there.” 

He added: “She’s not your average greyhound. She’s incredibly laid-back. It’s unusual for a greyhound not to have any chase instinct.”

Bella appears in the movie eating scraps from the floor in a flashback scene in Morocco, which was filmed at Yelverton Hall, Norfolk. 

Liam, from Heybridge, Essex, said: “Apparently the director Ridley Scott had been wandering around the set for the Morocco scene and came to the conclusion he wanted some greyhounds sniffing around there.” 

Liam, who is a volunteer with Kelly at Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue in Little Totham, where they first met Bella, said she won over director Scott at the audition. 

Liam said: “It’s been a nightmare not being able to talk about it and tell people how well she’s done.

“We went to the set and Bella lay down to get accustomed. 

“This American guy came over, making a big fuss of Bella and chatting to me. 

“Then someone came over and said, ‘Ridley, we’re ready to start filming’.” 

Plummer, who at 88 is the oldest actor ever to be nominated for an Oscar, stepped into the role as J. Paul Getty at the last minute to replace Kevin Spacey following sex allegations against the actor.

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