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Now that Star Wars The Last Jed has finally hit cinemas, fans can start to pick through what they know, and what is still unexplained.

Unfortunately, the jaw-dropping and unexpected finale has created more questions than answers.

Fan debate is also raging about whether Disney and Rian Johnson have been trolling fans for the last two years with endless misdirections. Some of the biggest revelations from the movie have not bee received well by many diehard fans.

Kylo Ren and Rey remain at the centre of the final trilogy and this key moment from the final scene could have a terrible dual meaning.


The entire film has built a creeping sense of unease over the mysterious link between Kylo and Rey.

He already recognised her in The Force Awakens (this is made even clearer in the novelisation) but they become able to see each other across space in Episode 8.

Something strange and powerful is going on. And then Snoke drops a bombshell.

It turns out the First Order leader created the bond between them in the hope they would destabilise each other and this would lure Re to try and save Kylo Ren from the Dark Side.

This seemed to debunk the popular theories that Rey was a Skywalker and related to Kylo. Many fans were hoping they were twins like Luke and Leia while just as many were hoping for a romance. Star Wars and incest remain uncomfortable (almost) bedfellows.

But then Snoke was killed. This should have ended the link but…

The final scenes show Kylo Ren kneeling in the Resistance bunker on Crait and looking directly at Rey, who is far away boarding the Millennium Falcon.

The link clearly remains in place.

Firstly this means we can expect the dynamic between the two of them to be heightened throughout Episode 9 by this ability to sense, see and communicate with each other at any time. 

Secondly, this could mean that Snoke did not create the link. Perhaps he took advantage of something that was already there? Perhaps the Force forged the bond as it seeks to restore balance to the galaxy using both of them?

One popular theory suggests that Kylo is the result of Leia having an affair – which means the father could also be linked to Rey. Or perhaps Rey’s vagabond parents are another smokescreen and she is a Skywalker after all?

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