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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp advised Gerrard to start off in the youth ranks so he could “feel” how it is to manage a team.

The former captain is just six months into his role and it’s taking its toll.

“I’m definitely feeling it,” said Gerrard. “I’ve aged about two years in six months.

“As a player I could switch off because on the day off, when the game was done, I could switch off and do things to take my mind off the game.

“That is very, very difficult as a coach. That has been the main difference.

“I have more respect for coaches and managers now even though as a player I always respected the ones that I worked with. But I didn’t realise how much was involved in their roles until I have tried it myself.

“It is not scaring me or putting me off. The next couple of years will definitely prepare me wherever I end up.

“I’m not sitting here thinking I’ve done it for five months so I’m ready and bring the job interviews on.

“Having said that, in six months or a year or in two years’ time there might be an opportunity there where I think I’m a lot more ready than I was four or five months ago.”

But so far none of his experiences have put him off his long-term aim of becoming a top manager.

That includes dealing with his players being racially abused in two games against Spartak Moscow.

“I have obviously had experience in my playing career of team-mates being subjected to that type of abuse and I’ve had to answer questions on it as a player and also as a captain of England,” said the 37-year-old.

“I have been involved in press conferences when subjects like that come up so I have had some experience, but when it is your player, you are involved in the game and you are leading the team, of course, these are eye-openers.

“I care for these kids, they are playing for my club, they are playing for my team. I need to show them support and I will do.”

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