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Paddington 2 has recently swept to box office success in the UK, and earlier this year was also unleashed on the US.

In a new featurette, seen above, Bonneville – who stars in the movie – said: “There’s a very rich little world in Windsor Gardens that Paddington has become very much a part of.

“And it’s delightful!”

The film sees Paddington – voiced by Ben Whishaw – working as a window cleaner in a bid to save money.

Sally Hawkins added: “You can’t not fall in love with him – whether he’s doing a great job, what he’s employed to do, or not.”

Paddington is ultimately arrested, however, when he’s falsely accused of committing a burglary.

“Whatever mishap befalls him he doesn’t necessariyl learn from it,” Bonneville mused.

“But he resets to positive all the time – everything’s going to be alright.

“So when he disappears from Windsor Gardens, everything changes.”

Alongside Whishaw, Bonneville and Hawkins, Paddington 2 also stars Hugh Grant in a BAFTA-nominated role, as well as Julie Walters, Joanna Lumley and Brendan Gleeson.

The film is out now on DVD.

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