Pasties, pork pies and beer ditched from inflation basket


Pork pies and pasties have been ditched from the typical shopping basket used to calculate inflation as quiche has been added in, it was today revealed.

Action cameras such as Gopros, women’s exercise leggings and Amazon fire sticks have also been added to the list of goods which is used by statisticians.

While bottles of beer brought in nightclubs have also been taken out of the basket – reflecting the wave of club closures which has hit Britain. 

The basket is shaken up every year to reflect the changing shopping habits of Britons – reflecting what goods are up which have been consigned to the statistical dustbin.

And this year the list shows that the public are buying more upmarket groceries, spending more on keep-fit fads and changing the way they watch television.

Lib Dem MP Ed Davey, who as a student worked in a pork pie factory in the run up to Christmas, told Mail Online: ‘I think this is an attack on our sovereignty – that we should put a French savoury ahead of the great Melton Mowbray invention.

‘It is a scandal. Save our pork pies now.’ 

Pork pies and beer bought in nightclubs have been ditched from the typical shopping basket used to calculate inflation (pictured, Boris Johnson brandishing a Cornish pasty during the EU referendum campaign in 2016)

The kip fit trend is on show in the revamped basket with the addition of women's exercise leggings

Raspberries have been added to the basket while peaches have been taken out

Women’s leggings and raspberries have been added to the average shopping bag to calculate inflation

Bottle beer in nightclubs have been taken out of the average shopping basket of goods - reflecting the trend of nightclub closures in the UK 

Bottle beer in nightclubs have been taken out of the average shopping basket of goods – reflecting the trend of nightclub closures in the UK 

The technological changes which have overhauled TV viewing habits is laid bare in the basket.

Digital media players including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV have been added for the first time. 

While the traditional camcorder has been taken out – a sign that now most people  have smart phones that can take video they are not buying the bulkier cameras.

What was added and taken out of the average consumer basket in 2018?

What has been added:



Prepared mashed potato 

Women’s exercise leggings

Girl’s leggings

High chair

Digital media player 

Action camera (for example, GoPro)

Child’s sit and ride toy

Soft play session

Cooked pastry based savoury snack

Body moisturising lotion

What has been taken out:

Pork pie

Edam cheese


Digital television recorder/receiver 

Digital camcorder

Child’s tricycle

Pasty/savoury pie

Bottle of lager in a nightclub

Full leg wax

ATM charges 

Eating habits have also changed, with the traditional pork pie and pasties taken out of the basket and replaced by the broader category of ‘slice’.  

The Office for National Statistics said this is so food brought in a broader range of takeaway shops – not just fish and chips shops – is taken into account. 

Ready-made mashed potato, women’s exercise leggings and moisturiser has been added into the basket.

While children’s tricycles have been taken out an replaced with a ‘child ‘sit and ride’ toys – which can include a broader type of toy which children ride.

Edam cheese and peaches and nectarines have also been ditched as have full leg waxes.

And the price of a bottle of lager in a nightclub has also been taken out because the wave of nightclub closures have made them a less useful litmus test for prices.

And charges on cash machines have also been taken out – probably reflecting the growth in contactless debit card payments. 

ONS statistician Philip Gooding said: ‘The updating of the legendary ‘basket of goods’ used by ONS to calculate inflation is a popular annual ritual. 

‘The products and services newly included – and those consigned to the statistical dustbin – tell the story of our changing consumption habits. 

‘But how accurate can the inflation figures be if you never buy any of these items?

‘Today we have published our annual update to the ‘basket of goods & services’ used to calculate inflation. 

‘This is the virtual shopping basket that represents the items households spend their money on. 

‘While much of the coverage will no doubt focus on the changes – action cameras and digital media players are in this year – the vast majority of items actually remain unchanged. 

The camcorder has been ditched from the shopping basket as many Brits now have video recorders in their phones

The GoPro- which are worn by many cyclists - have been added to the basket

The traditional camcorder ()pictured left) has been ditched form the shopping basket while action cams such as a GoPro (pictured right) has been added (file pics)

‘Out of 714 items in the basket, only 36 are being updated today.

‘However, while many items themselves remain constant, we also take this opportunity to update the weights each item holds to ensure our overall inflation numbers reflect the experiences of households.’ 

Last year soya milk, cycle helmets, flavoured cider and gin were added to the ‘typical’ basket of goods used to estimate inflation rates.

Jigsaws and chocolate digestive biscuits are also among the products being factored in to calculations by statistics experts because of their increasing popularity.

The trend in dairy-free diets, with high-profile campaigns like ‘Veganuary’, has driven a boom in soya, rice and oat milk.   

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