Conor McGregor vs Pacquiao KO’d by Dana White, who threatens to SUE boxer | UFC | Sport


Earlier this week, Pacquiao shocked the combat sports by claiming he’s in negotiations to fight UFC’s lightweight champion in August.

“If we can negotiate it, I have no problem. It is OK with both of us,” the former .

“[Talks?] Initially, but we have not yet had any follow-up conversations.”

While Pacquiao’s comments were taken with a pinch of salt by many, they caused several MMA fans to wonder if McGregor was going to enter the boxing world for the second time in under a year.

White was asked about Pacquiao’s declaration in the early hours of Sunday morning at Fight Night 123 and was quick dismiss the Filipino’s clam.

“That would be weird, because (McGregor’s) under contract with us,” the UFC president told MMAjunkie.

If Pacquiao’s representatives, Top Rank Boxing, have indeed approached McGregor about a possible bout, White is prepared to take legal action against them. 

He added: “If that’s true, I will be suing Manny Pacquiao and whoever is representing him.”

White then went on to slam Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum, who had branded him a ‘piece of s**t’ earlier that evening.

“You’ll see, Bob. We’ll see at the end. Bob’s the same guy who said the UFC would never work, and the UFC was loosing ‘oodles’ of money, whatever the (expletive) ‘oodles of money’ means,” he added.

“Look at what we’ve done and look at where we are. I mean, come on. At the end of the day, we’ll see who stands where when the smoke clears and the dust settles.

“I’ll give it to him, though. For a (expletive) 95-year-old dude, this guy’s pretty feisty, man. I’ll give it to him. I’ll give him that.”

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