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Chilton, 26, was regarded as one of the brightest young talents when he first burst onto the scene in Formula Three.

But after he worked his way up to the main grid he failed to finish in the points in 35 attempts.

He has since moved on to US series IndyCar but upon reflection has revealed who he thinks is the best driver he ever faced.

He has raced many stars such as Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, but McLaren driver Fernando Alonso stands head and should above the rest.

Alonso has taken  part in IndyCar testing and came close to winning the event which drew the praise from Chilton. 

“I’ve always rated Alonso as one of the best drivers on the F1 grid if not the best, so I know he is incredibly talented and talented people learn quickly,” Chilton told the Daily Mail.

“But he did pick it up quicker than I thought he was going to.

“I know some people made comments about him making it look how easy it is. I think it is good for IndyCar that he didn’t win because it would have made us all look a bit stupid.

“But he said some really nice things about how challenging it was and how brave we all are and how he wants to go back to win. So he did a big favour for IndyCar by coming over and racing.”

The ex-Marussia driver also claims that F1 is so unbalanced that it is not even a sport.

He thinks that the top-end Manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull makes it so uncompetitive that it should not even be called a sport.

“The problem Formula One has got at the moment is there is a four-second gap between the lead car and the back car and that’s not really sport,” Chilton added.

“Sport should pretty much be a level playing field or as close to possible.

“Motorsport is never going to be like that, it’s impossible, but IndyCar next year is going to be as near a one-make series than they have done.

“Everyone has the same aero kit and there is very little difference between the engines and the racing should be even closer next year.”

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