Bible: Animals saved after Noah’s Ark SMASHES into harbour during Biblical STORM


A MASSIVE Noah’s Ark replica crashed into docked boats during a devastating storm – forcing authorities to save trapped animals.

“This has never happened before”

Aad Peters

The 230-foot vessel crashed into Urk village wharf, in the Netherlands, as gale force winds whipped across Europe.

Rescuers saved seven people from the boat before they brought one rabbit and a pair of snakes to shore.

According to Urk’s Mayor, Pieter van Maaren, the replica caused “significant” damage to smaller boats.

The replica’s owner Aad Peters said the strength of the winds ripped the ark away from the boulders it was fastened to.


BIBLICAL: Noah’s Ark smashed into Urk harbour on Wednesday

He added: “We had fastened it properly as we’re used to storms. I don’t now how it managed to break loose.

“This has never happened before.”

Before the storm, Peters used the ark to teach people about stories from the Bible.

He bought it from Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers back in 2010.

The ark welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each yearGETTY

POPULAR: The ark welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year

Meanwhile, Christians are searching for evidence for the Biblical vessel’s existence in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Dr Tim Clarey, from the Creation Foundation, described the petrified tree stumps that he said proved the Genesis story.

He said: “A team of scientists led by Erik Gulbranson recently discovered a forest of fossil trees in Antarctica.

“The trees were found in Antarctica’s Transactic Mountains and include a mix of evergreens, deciduous trees and non-flowering plants.”

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