This Book’s Title Says What We’re All Thinking About Donald Trump


Each page features a childlike Trump ― which some might say is remarkably accurate ― and rhyming verses like: 

“The windows are dark in D.C.

Your staff huddles down to silently weep

I’ll read you one last story from InfoWars

If you promise you’ll then go to sleep.”

The book’s author, John Spreincer McKellyanne Huckamucci ― which we suspect might be a pen name ― said he hopes a copy makes its way into the hands of White House staff. After all, he said, the book’s soothing tones might calm down the president enough that he sleeps more than three hours a night.

“That’s the dream,” Huckamucci told HuffPost. “Maybe his advisers should tell him he can rage against the world tomorrow.”

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